Don’t look in the Mirror!

No, seriously, don’t! There’s things in there you DON’T want to see.

You might see your skin colour.

Your freckles.

Your acne.

You might see scars.

A bad haircut.

Wonky teeth.

Squinty eyes.

Maybe your cheekbones are too low.

Or your forehead is too high.

Maybe your arms are too long.

Or your body’s too short.

Maybe you’re too stocky.

Too curvy.

Too thin.

Too fat.

Maybe your nose is too big.

Your eyebrows are too hairy.

Your ears stick out too much.

Maybe your feet are disgusting.

Maybe your nails are too short.

Maybe you wish your hair was longer.

Or shorter.

Or lighter.

Or darker.

Or thicker.

Or thinner.

Or maybe, like me, when you look in the mirror, you see something worse than all of that. Instead, you see yourself.

I think the reason we don’t like what we see

Is because we see ourselves

And maybe we

Are something we don’t like.

Maybe it’s time we woke up. We only have one life. We only have one death. So, let’s embrace ourselves. Let’s love ourselves just the way we are. Look in the mirror. I dare you. And while you are looking, see the worst thing you could…

See yourself…

And make it

The best thing

You have ever seen.

Don’t change your weight. Or cut your hair. Or tweeze your eyebrows. Or learn to slouch. Don’t get a nose job. Don’t pucker your lips. Don’t squeeze your poor, sore feet into six-inch high heels.
For one week, I challenge you:

Look at the person in the mirror.

Kiss your reflection.

Tell yourself you are of something worth.

Something like a clover…